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Shark Teeth

At Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists, we love to watch our patients as they grow.  A child's first loose tooth brings such excitement and anticipation to all.  Sometimes, we get calls from worried parents because their child has suddenly developed a double row of teeth.  It may look odd, but it isn’t a dental emergency. The […]

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Relax...everything will be ok.

At Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists, we make every effort to ease your child's anxiety about the dentist.  Dr. Krieger's staff are trained to work with our little patients and create a great experience at the dentist.  Studies have shown parents anxietes about the dentist often transfer to their children.  Read this article below about tips […]

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Happy 4th of July!

From all of us at Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists, we wish you and your family a happy 4th of July!!

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Why should my child see a pediatric dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)  created a 60 second video to highlight the importance of taking your child to see a pediatric dentist.

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Baby teeth...why fix them if they are just going to fall out?

Dr. Krieger hear the question all the time "why fix a baby tooth if it is just going to fall out?"  At Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists, we recognize the importance of baby teeth. Baby teeth: Help children chew food easily and properly Help children speak more quickly and clearly Hold space in the jaws for […]

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Go Ollie!

One of the most rewarding part of our jobs at Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists is watching our patients grow up.  Dr. Krieger love to follow our patients after they graduate from our practice and flourish.  This past weekend, one of our patients, Ollie Schniederjans, played in the U.S. Open!  Ollie went to Harrison High School […]

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Say Cheese!

At Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists, we encourage good dietary habits at each visit.  Did you know cheese is beneficial for your child's teeth?  Check out this great article:  

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Sports Drinks and their harmful effects...
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The Platypus

What does this cute little animal have to do with teeth?  At Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists, we have discovered a 'cool tool' to help floss with braces.  It is called the platypus flosser.  It is a flosser that has a flat end just like a platypus beak to help get floss under those pesky wires […]

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The art of flossing

At Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists, Dr. Krieger encourage all of our patients to floss at least once a day to prevent cavities and maintain good ginigival health. Here are some tips on how to floss: STEP 1: Wind about 18 inches of floss around your fingers as shown. Most of it should be wrapped around […]

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