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Frenulectomy (Tongue-Tie and Lip-Tie Release)

What is a Frenectomy?
A frenectomy is a simple procedure to remove the frenum, which is a small band of tissue. They can be found inside the middle-upper lip (Maxillary frenums), between the lower lip and gums (Labial frenum), and under the tongue (Lingual frenum.) Frenectomies are very common dental procedures performed with infants and children when the frenums restrict the
range of motion in the lips or tongue (called Lip- or Tongue-tie). A Waterlase frenectomy is a quick, minimally invasive
procedure, which is virtually bloodless and can be completed in-office, with minimal to no local anesthesia. Patients usually experience minimal discomfort and faster healing as opposed to a scalpel or scissor technique.


  • Toddlers may have trouble eating from a spoon or eating finger foods
  • Improper lip seal during nursing can be painful and create issues such as colic-like symptoms and decreased weight gain for newborns
  • May lead to a higher likelihood of tooth decay and other dental issues


  • Newborn babies show difficulty in latching or swallowing
  • Children and teenagers can have speech and pronunciation difficulties
  • Difficulties moving the tongue which may prevent the ability to clean teeth and keep lips moist

Lingual Frenectomy

Maxillary Frenectomy

The Benefits of Waterlase Dentistry

Waterlase can rapidly remove soft tissue via a combination of air- and water-cooling, with the pulsing of laser energy for minimal patient discomfort. Waterlase also provides a safe option to avoid any injuries that a scalpel or scissor technique can present,
due to children’s involuntary movements. The laser energy stops bleeding before it starts, making the procedure less painful and significantly less traumatic for both patient and parent.

Patients treated with Waterlase typically recover more quickly than traditional surgery. Healing can occur more rapidly with less discomfort for your child and a reduced need for post-operative medication. Lactation can begin immediately following the procedure.

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