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The art of flossing

At Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists, Dr. Krieger encourage all of our patients to floss at least once a day to prevent cavities and maintain good ginigival health. Here are some tips on how to floss:

STEP 1: Wind about 18 inches of floss around your fingers as shown. Most of it should be wrapped around one finger, and as the floss is used, the other finger takes it up.

STEP 2: Use your thumbs and forefingers to guide about one inch of floss between your teeth.

STEP 3:  Holding the floss tightly, gently saw the floss between your teeth. Then curve the floss into a C-shape against one tooth and gently slide it beneath your gums.

STEP 4: Slide the floss up and down, repeating for each tooth. Make sure to floss on both sides of every tooth.



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