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Fruit Snacks and Tooth Decay

Of course little ones are sweet on the most notorious of tooth enamel enemies, candy. But they’re also fans of fruit snacks, raisins, and other sticky treats widely (and mistakenly) believed to be wholesome and safer for teeth. The problem is, the stickier a food, the easier time it has clinging onto and in between teeth, not to mention settling into gums — where the sugars in it (whether added or naturally-occurring) promptly turn into a feast for bacteria. The result: placating your toddler’s sweet tooth with a box of raisins or all-fruit leather may put a smile on his face now…but wreck havoc on that smile later. At Atlanta Pediatric Dental Specialists, we will discuss harmful dietary habits with your child each time they come to visit us for a dental cleaning. Dr. Krieger believe in educating all their patients about causes of tooth decay and strive to have their patients incorporate good habits into their daily lives.

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